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Industry Leading IS Who We Are

With now more than 35 offices throughout Northern New England, Better Homes and Gardens Real Estate The Masiello Group is the largest residential real estate firm north of Boston and is the only company in the region to offer a complete spectrum of home services, including mortgage, title, home warranty, homeowner insurance, and relocation services. Our firm was named a Top 25 Broker in 2022 by Realogy Leads Group in recognition of its excellent performance and customer satisfaction.

The Masiello Group’s CEO, Chris Masiello, is actively helping to shape the future of the real estate industry. Chris is a 35-year veteran in real estate, and is a nationally recognized expert in business operations, marketing, relocation and homeownership services. In January, Swanepoel Power 200 recognized Chairman and CEO Christopher J. Masiello as one of the most influential leaders in the residential real estate industry.
  • We had 3 offers to merge our company, the Masiello Group was most like theculture we had in our office. The merger allowed us to gain better technology, training for agents, regional and national exposure. The transition was very smooth and we have never regretted going with Chris Masiello.
    - Bob & Diane Wiita
  • As the ongoing need for more advanced technology became a constant in the real estate industry, I realized that a company of 50 agents couldn’t afford to provide these  tools that good agents need to continue to build their businesses.  When I talked with Chris Masiello about his priorities and plans for providing these services to his agents, I realized that a merger with Masiello offered the best way to ensure the future success of my agents.
    Lou Nixon
  • As the ongoing need for more advanced technology became a constant in the real estate industry, I realized that a company of 50 agents couldn’t afford to provide these  tools that good agents need to continue to build their businesses.  When I talked with Chris Masiello about his priorities and plans for providing these services to his agents, I realized that a merger with Masiello offered the best way to ensure the future success of my agents.
    Sharon Millet
    NAR Past President
  • When it came time in 2017, after 20 years as a REMAX Broker/Owner, to find the right fit for my agents and myself; the Masiello Group was the obvious choice. Their ethics and business model are very much aligned with my own and I continue to become more impressed with this organization as time goes on.
    Arlene Hajjar

Every brokerage is unique. We tailor our services to your brokerage.

Our range of services and solutions include: 

  • Acquisitions 
  • Mergers 
  • Strategic Partnerships
  • Succession Planning
  • Top Producer & Team Valuations


This is a typical solution for the owner who is nearing retirement or is planning to focus on professional growth outside of the daily operation of their real estate business. In this scenario, we acquire 100% of the company in the most tax efficient way (usually an Asset Purchase over 5 years) allowing the owner to focus on their own book of business or move on to other pursuits. Our acquisition model is often the succession plan for the owner.


These are strategic opportunities often resulting in a Joint Venture arrangement. In this scenario, we would create a new company as a separate operating entity under our Better Homes & Gardens franchise agreement. Ownership of that company is divided between The Masiello Group, LTD and you. This scenario is reserved for specific growth scenarios, usually outside of our operating area or area of expertise. In this scenario we would co-create a specific strategy to leverage the mutual new company for growth in a way that would not be possible separately.

Strategic Partnerships

An option best suited for the broker owner who wants to continue contributing to the growth of their company but at an accelerated pace. By working in partnership, we can leverage economies of scale in both support and systems to take advantage of growth opportunities in your market. This strategy allows us both to grow outside of our footprint with a solid growth partner.

Succession Planning

A strategy that can preserve the decades of work that a top producer or team leader has invested in their business. Think of this as an acquisition plan for top agents and teams. We work with agents & teams to design options to preserve their community & financial legacies. This is most suited to top agents and teams who have built significant businesses and want to continue to reap the rewards of their work refocusing their efforts, while backing away from the business or retiring.

Top Agent & Team Valuation

A service we provide to help top agents and teams understand the value of their businesses. Using our Masiello Group Succession Plan valuation model, we can tell you what someone should be paying for your agent-built business. At the end of that process, we can assist in finding a buyer or may make you an offer ourselves.

Our Process

Step 1

We view each business as a reflection of its owner and his/her goals. Therefore, we customize acquisition structure to the individual business and owner situations including the owners input in the design of the modeled solution.

Step 2

We are sensitive to tax implications, so we tend to design to a very tax-friendly structure: usually an asset sale over a term of 4 –6 years. We can include some cash as appropriate.

Step 3

We prefer to work on a cash-flow-pricing method which tends to drive higher pricing for the owner and allows for some additional money on upside growth.

Step 4

For buy-outs we use the total sales of the business location from the closing day forward so that the owner benefits from the inevitable growth we co-create after the sale.

Step 5

Payments are made monthly, often with minimums guaranteed.

Step 6

Over and above the asset purchase compensation, we often build in management compensation for those cases when the principal stays on in some managerial/leadership capacity.

Next Steps

The exploration begins with a confidential discussion to discuss your goals, concerns, and ideas about your brokerage: where it is and where it’s going. 

We typically execute Mutual Confidentiality Agreements (request sample NDA) so that we can all speak openly in complete confidence. 

To continue our exploration, we ask to review these items: 

  • 2 years company tax returns 
  • 2 years P&Ls 
  • any equipment lease contracts 
  • office lease expenses & facilities costs 
  • agent roster with comp plans and earnings  

All of our planning is customized to meet your individual needs. Therefore, we usually meld the financial information and your vision to co-create scenarios that lead us to good outcomes. 


Can my team stay in our office location?

There are a few factors that impact this answer.

We have designed some mergers where the seller closes their office and merges into one of ours.

There have been times when we have acquired the lease on the property and maintained the location. We typically do not purchase the real estate.

You will be involved in the decision process regarding the office location as we collaborate on a plan that provides the best outcome for everyone involved.

How long does the process take?

The process from introduction to right outcome can vary quite a bit. We take care to work together throughout the process with transparency and communication at a pace that is comfortable for everyone.

Typically, however, we can begin discussions on modeling outcomes within 2 weeks of having received the necessary documentation.

Once we have an agreed upon plan, we can usually close within 60 days.

All along the way, we follow you on the pace and timing.

What is the process?

It all starts with an introduction. It all starts with an introduction! We’ll schedule a meeting to hold a preliminary discussion about you, your business story and goals. We spend a good amount of time up front in cultural discovery. It is critical to our process that we share a compatible cultural ethos.

Once we are both comfortable with each other, we execute a Mutual Confidentiality Agreement that allows us both to get in to the details of our discussions comfortable in the knowledge that all communications are private.

The next step involves a period of discovery where we approach your business as learners. You know your market and your company as only an owner can. This discovery period is where you teach us about operation and where we request an initial set of financial documents for review <link to the docs list>.

Once we better understand your business and its financials, we begin to collaborate on creation of a plan that fits your needs and goals.

How do you select the companies that you want to acquire?

We are focused on culture first. Our motto is: people before production. Firm in our belief that no amount of money can fix a bad cultural mis-match, we are looking to align ourselves with successful people who have built something special in their markets.

We then look for ways to take what resources we have (people, systems, financial, etc) and match them in interesting ways to create something bigger and more exciting.

I am ready to retire but I want to make sure my agents are taken care of.

We pride ourselves in being good stewards of the company legacies that we acquire. We have a history of honoring the acquired company’s past while building on a new future of growth and prosperity for the company and the agents.

Together, we will discuss the nuances of that commitment with you and co-create a plan.

I am not ready to retire so what would I do after you acquire my company?

Some of our former owners stay on in senior sales roles, continuing to work their books of business with all of the business support that we offer.

Others find that they can apply their experience & skills to leadership opportunities within our company. These can include office management, regional sales management, training and others.

Whatever your desired outcome, we will work with you to explore all your options.

What options do you offer independent broker owners (like me?)?

There are several options available through The Masiello Group, LTD. for broker owners like you. The most common ones are:

  • Acquisition of the company through an Asset Purchase
  • Joint Venture Agreement

Here are other interesting options for the owner:

  • Stay on in a leadership role for a transition period or for the long term
  • Stay on in a senior sales role to continue working your book of business
  • Move on to other opportunities within the company or in other endeavors

What if I just want to get an idea what my company is worth in today’s market?

We can absolutely help.

With decades of merger & acquisition experience in New England, we can work with you and your professionals to help value the company you have built – without any further expectations.

Why would I talk with you if I don’t have any plans to sell?

We pride ourselves in supporting and guiding like-minded real estate professionals. To that end, we do a fair amount of business consultation to assist the independent broker owner in charting the course of their firms. While this sometimes leads to acquisition discussions, it does not need to.

We are committed to being a positive force in our real estate industry sharing our experiences and resources when and where we can.

What about confidentiality?

All serious business discussions need to be private and secure. To that end, we offer a simple Mutual Confidentiality Agreement (MCA) to ensure that we and you can speak in complete confidence. We can prepare the MCA for your review at any time. If you prefer to use your own document, just forward it along for our attorney to review.

Either way, we are committed to professionally and discreetly handling all of our discussions from beginning to end.

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