Not every company is alike, nor is our approach or each set of solutions the same. 

Our range of services and solutions include: 

  • Acquisitions,  
  • Mergers,   
  • Strategic Partnerships,  
  • Succession Planning, 
  • and Top Producer & Team Valuations. 


A typical solution for the owner who is nearing retirement or is planning to focus on professional growth outside of the daily operation of their real estate business. In this scenario, we acquire 100% of the company in the most tax efficient way (usually an Asset Purchase over 5 years) allowing the owner to focus on their own book of business or move on to other pursuits. Our acquisition model is often the succession plan for the owner.


These are a strategic opportunity often resulting in a Joint Venture arrangement. In this scenario, we would create a new company as a separate operating entity under our Better Homes & Gardens franchise agreement. Ownership of that company is divided between The Masiello Group, LTD and you. This scenario is reserved for specific growth scenarios, usually outside of our operating area or area of expertise. In this scenario we would co-create a specific strategy to leverage the mutual new company for growth in a way that would not be possible separately.

Strategic Partnerships

An option best suited for the broker owner who wants to continue contributing to the growth of their company but at an accelerated pace. By working in partnership, we can leverage economies of scale in both support and systems to take advantage of growth opportunities in your market, both agent and brokerage. This strategy allows us to grow outside of our footprint with a solid growth partner.

Succession Planning

A strategy that can preserve the decades of work that a top producer or team leader has invested in their business. Think of this as an acquisition plan for top agents and teams. We work with agents & teams to design options to preserve their community & financial legacies. This is most suited to top agents and teams who have built significant businesses and want to continue to reap the rewards of their work while backing away from the business or retiring.

Top Agent & Team Valuation

A service we provide to help top agents and teams understand the value of their businesses. Using our Masiello Group Succession Plan valuation model, we can tell you what someone should be paying for your agent-built business. At the end of that process, we can assist in finding a buyer or may make you an offer ourselves.

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